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Surrey Street Food

* Latest News *

We're going to be at Redhill Market in Surrey again this week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 

New Wrap this week!

  • Chipotle Chicken and Bacon

          Home roasted chicken breast, Chipotle smoked chilli sauce, Smoked bacon, Peppers and Mature cheddar

  Meal Deal: Buy a wrap, get a drink + crisps or fruit for only £1


Welcome, thanks for stopping by.


We're a family business based in East Sussex. Now trading from our shiny new trailer around the South East.

We invite you to take a look around our website and of course hope to see you soon in person for one of our delicious Pocket Wraps !


Why we're here...

  • We wanted to create a new great tasting wholesome fast food

  • We wanted our food to be easy to eat when you're really on the go... 

Introducing our Pocket Wrap which we think is like a lot of other foods but is also unique...

It's like a pie... but it isn't

It's like a toastie... but it isn't

It's like a calzone pizza... but it isn't

It's like a fajita... but it isn't

It's like a burrito... but isn't

It's a 

Handy !


Ready to eat

 Carefully selected ingredients 




Popped in a pocket

Handed to you 



We believe in using quality, locally sourced ingredients.


Please check out some of our local suppliers.

Sun Harvest Brighton SHL-website-logo.jpg
theCheeseman Brighton.png

100% Organic

Fair Trade Chocolate

OneTreePlanted logo square white brighton vaughan's.png


As a new business, we wanted sustainability to feature as part of our offering. It's important right?

We support onetreeplanted.org

We donate £1 for every 20 Pocket Wraps we sell, they in turn plant one tree! Pretty cool huh?

We'll be keeping customers up to date with our progress but please pop by and ask if you'd like to know more.

All of the packaging we use for our wraps is 100% recycled and recyclable - even the stickers! And our tortilla wraps contain no palm oil - most do!

Where possible we buy local produce and as much of everything else that isn't local from local suppliers. Clearly Coca-Cola and Tuna aren't locally produced but by supporting local suppliers where we can, we're trying to minimise our environmental impact as well as benefit the local economy and good local producers and suppliers.

Everything we're trying to do in terms of sustainability is a work in progress and we certainly haven't solved all the issues but hope you our customers will feed into this and help us to continue to address sustainability in an honest and transparent way.

Here's what our trailer looks like!

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 18.35.29.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 18.35.57.png

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UFO Supa Fast Food Ltd. Trading as Vaughan's Wholesome Fast Food

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